Current Issue:

Issue #44
May 2009

Captain Mike
D.V. Grae

The Brandy Stinger

D.V. Grae

Gladys Ritchie

I see old people
J.H. Hornet

Book Review:
Seventh Son

Walton Simons

Developer's Blog
Walton Simons

Andrew Tiffen


We dedicate this edition of VOIDING THE VOID to
Andrew “Tibs” Tiffen.
Illustrator, cartoonist and
VOID contributor.

Anrew Tiffen: Self-Portrait
Self-Portrait from a
Childhood Photo

Bell Street Market, LondonBell Street Market, London

Letter from the Management:
A Re-Introduction

Friends, compatriots, fanatics and other:

I cannot tell you how happy I am to announce the re-emergence of VOIDING THE VOID from seven years of nonexistence. I’m not sure exactly why we ceased publication or why for so long. Nothing much has changed – I personally still seek to fill the dastardly nothingness while fumbling through confused days in a cold universe on this small, spinning fragment of solar driftwood (thank you War of the Worlds) with meaningful interactions with other people. Speaking for myself and the rest of the editorial staff here, I can tell you that we have we been lonely without The VOID. We ask you to embrace us once again and share your stories.

D.V. Grae